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Thank you OH! CON

WOW! What an amazing event that was.

The 29th October 2022 was the first ever OH!CON, The Outer Hebrides Comic Con: Sci-fi, fantasy, Comics, games and stuff.

This amazing event was not for profit and one of the 3 charities which will receive donations from the event is Neuro Hebrides. We can't thank all those behind this event enough; the organisers, the volunteers, and everyone that went along to take park. It was a massive success. Any donations will make a massive impact on many peoples lives.

Whether you are interested in Comics, sci-fi, games etc, or not, this event had such an amazing energy and a brilliant array of events. Every single volunteer was so enthusiastic and welcoming that you couldn't help but get drawn into it.

There were comic art work workshops, Lego, Robotics, VR, Nerf wars, a Cosplay Masquerade competition, and much more. The array of costumes walking around Stornoway was amazing and bought a smile to everyone who saw them.

In a world where there is so much uncertainty and problems at the moment, it was such a magical day that bought so much happiness and smiles to so many.....and I met a real life Darlek!

So thank you once again OH!CON, you should be so proud for the joy you gave to so many.

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