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Sunshine and Flowers at Lews Castle Gardens

The sun was shining on Neuro Hebrides on Friday 24th June, when we had a guided walk of the Gardens in Lews Castle Grounds.

Jack, the head gardener for The Stornoway Trust, and Austin, the Community Engagement Officer, were our hosts and guided us around the absolutely beautiful gardens that have recently been restored.

We met at the Sunken Garden, near the Sundial, and what a beautiful sight. There are so many different flowers and trees it is difficult to know where to look first.

The Foxgloves were dancing in the gentle breeze with Bees busily visiting them for their nectar. And there are stunning bright Blue Himalayan Poppies, Pink Forget-me-nots, Ferns, Fennel, Eucalyptus and so much more.

And then we came to the old traditional varieties of Roses, whose smell can only be described as delicious.

Jack guided us around the gardens with such enthusiasm and knowledge, and shared lots of information about the history of the castle grounds and the different trees and flowers we saw. Some of the Plants we were able to touch and feel the amazing different textures, and enjoy their beautiful scent, and some just put on a lovely show of colour. Jack explained about the design of the gardens and how The Stornoway Trust is bringing back the Victorian style garden which would have been designed when the castle was first built.

We hope this will be the first of many walks with Jack and Austin at Lews Castle gardens, and we thank them for their time, sharing their enthusiasm and guiding us around the beautiful gardens.

We look forward to the next time, so keep your eyes peeled for our next organised walk.

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