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Reach out to Neuro Hebrides if you need support

Neuro Hebrides is a charity who support neurological patients and their carers by promoting positive health and wellbeing in the Western Isles. As well as fundraising, campaigning, and organising a range of meetings and activities for members, we can also offer one to one support.

If you have recently been diagnosed with a Neurological condition, you need to talk about your condition to someone who understands or are feeling a bit overwhelmed and you feel uncomfortable coming to a group meeting, then get in touch.

Neuro Hebrides are not medical professionals but it was founded and is run by people who have lived experience of either having a neurological condition or supporting someone who has one. Neuro Hebrides provides a community for shared experience and understanding for those living with or caring for someone with a neurological condition in the Western Isles.

Neuro Hebrides can be there to listen, remember you're not alone.

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