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New Equipment for Neuro Patients in the Western Isles

Neuro Hebrides has secured funding from the NHS Capital Grants awards to purchase some crucial equipment which can help patients with Neurological conditions in the Western Isles.

The equipment can be borrowed for use at home by patients with Neurological conditions in the Western Isles.

There is a Thera trainer Mobi, a small, motorised leg and upper arm body exerciser. It has been specially designed for use in the home and is compact and convenient, so it is easy to transport and move.

It can help to build and increase strength, endurance and metabolism for people with a range of conditions and it can be used while you're sitting at home on the sofa.

Also available is the Mangar Elk.

The ELK is an emergency lifting cushion which can be used for single handed care in the home for anyone who has fallen in a confined space, such as the bathroom. The person who has fallen can shuffle or be rolled on to the Elk which inflates to help them to sit up.

It is suitable for use in the home by people who aren't medically trained.

Equipment loans can be organised through the Community Equipment Store, who will deliver and pick up the equipment.

Specific clinicians will be able to log equipment out to patients - these include the neuro and stroke specialist nurses plus community physio and identified occupational therapists.

The equipment is located throughout the Western Isles so there will be access to it whether you live in Lewis, Harris, The Uists or Barra.

There will be an information sharing and training session at one of our Cuppa and Catch up meetings, on Monday 13th February at 2pm - 3:30pm.

Thank you to the NHS Capital Grands award. This equipment will help Neurological patients for many years to come.

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