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Neuro Hebrides Visit Horsader

Another fantastic trip out with Neuro Hebrides this week.

On Thursday 29th September we visited Horshader Community Development on the West side of Lewis.

Our visit started with a tour of the Community allotments. We live in a pretty exposed place with unpredictable weather and the Polycrubs and Solardome not only extend the growing season but they also enable people to grow a greater variety of fruit and veg and increases the quality and yield of the fruit and veg. There is also a Polycrub which is used by the local children in Shawbost school to grow and learn all about where fruit and veg comes from and how to grow your own.

We then went on to visit the Tree Ark project. The Hebrides aren't known for having many trees, and there are only a handful of species native to the Outer Hebrides, but tree cover would have been higher in the past and the Tree Ark project is doing some great work to help increase tree cover in the Hebrides.

The Horshader team work hard to collect and plant seeds of trees on the Islands, including Birch, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Rowan, Willow and Alder.

We learnt about the indigenous Hebridean Aspen which grows in some precarious places and send out suckers which grow into clones of the original tree, often living thousands of years.

A massive thank you to Laura and Lesley for showing us around the project and for Derek for driving the minibus.

Neuro Hebrides arranges a range of activities and visits for our members, and we have a number of other activities and trips planned soon.

We also have Cuppa and Catch up, held regularly at the Failte centre on Mondays at 2pm. Please get in touch with Neuro Hebrides for more information and how you can join in.

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