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Getting creative with Jane Harlington

The Wonderful Jane Harlington, A mixed media Artist and owner of The Blue Pig studio in Carloway, joined Neuro Hebrides for Cuppa and Catch up on the 28th November. And what a fantastic afternoon it was.

There were three different techniques to try; Painting with colour, collage and Encaustic wax painting.

Jane gave us an introduction into each technique before we had a go ourselves. From the start it was fantastic. We weren't there to create masterpieces to be shown in the Tate modern, we were there to just enjoy it and express ourselves. Forget the end result, and just enjoy creating something beautiful that means something to you.

There's something so magical about creativity. Forget about what you think other people will think, forget about the end result, forget about it conforming to what is considered to be 'art' and just enjoy it. Whether you think you're creative or someone who thinks 'I'm not artistic'. Just experiment, lose your inhibitions, try different colours, different techniques and different media.

It was such a special afternoon and everyone had such a lovely time in such lovely company, and there were some really special results.

We definitely will be having more activities like this one. And if you have any ideas you would like to suggest for different activities in 2023, get in touch 07385596842

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