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Brian from Climate Hebrides recently came along to Neuro Hebrides Cuppa and Catch up to talk about Climate change in the Hebrides. What it means for us now and in the future. How will the changing climate impact generations to come? How will it impact how we live? The services on the islands? Health care, transport, leisure? In a nut shell the changing climate will impact every one of us in various different ways.

A recent report by NHS WIHB stated that if reductions in greenhouse gases are not made, average rainfall in the Western Isles is expected to increase by between: Castlebay: 12.8% - 26.6% Drimsdale: 12.7% - 26.1% Stornoway: 5.4% – 27.9%

It is projected that sea level rises around the Western Isles will increase by up to 93cm by 2100, under a high emissions scenario.

There will also be around 10 more severe storm days every winter. If action is not taken, this will cause travel disruptions: as well as cancelled ferries, there will be road flooding, property damage and may impact the ability of staff or patients to travel to and from work / appointments.

Climate Hebrides are wanting to hear about how you see the climate changing now on your patch, and your memories of how things used to be. Does your croft flood now but never in the past? Does it affect what you grow and the animals you keep? Have you noticed a different in the wildlife you see around where you live? Does the river run dry in the Summer but never used to?

There is an initial study focusing on the Broadbay area of the Isle of Lewis. If you live in the Broadbay area, Climate Hebrides can arrange for Brian to come and visit you to talk about your experiences and stories, this can also be an online meeting if you prefer. If you would like to talk to Brian, you can get in touch directly or let me know and I will ask Brian to arrange a time and date to suit you.

Brian will be coming along to Cuppa and Catch up on the 3rd July for a chat about the project and you can also get involved there.

Everyone on the Islands can contribute, so if you are interested and you live outwith the Broadbay area, you can contribute online:

Everyone's stories and feedback is important, so if you would like to chat to Brian and the team, get in touch Contact | Climate Hebrides CIC

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