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Chrissies Magic Garden

What a magical day that was. On Saturday 9th September, we had the absolute pleasure of being welcomed in to the amazing Garden of Chrissie, one of the brilliant volunteers for Neuro Hebrides.

As soon as you enter the garden, there's a wonderful feeling of calmness and tranquility. Everywhere you look there are different flowers, shrubs and trees, in so many different colours, smells and shapes.

The positive effects of being out in nature have been known for a long time, helping to reduce stress levels, depression and anxiety, and a visit to Chrissies garden is like being prescribed natures medicine.

There are beautiful flower beds, secret woodland paths, hedges and pots. The garden will have so much to see all through the year.

And it's not just us humans enjoying this wonderful place, there's birds, bees and butterflies in abundance and it's an absolute delight.

And not only did Chrissie open up her garden for us, we were treated to the most amazing home baking.

A big thank you to Chrissie for welcoming us in to her sanctuary. It was an absolute joy and we look forward to returning at different times throughout the year to discover more delights of Chrissies magic Garden.

Neuro Hebrides runs visits to lots of different places of interest, and if you would like to join us, get in touch

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