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What does Neuro Hebrides mean to you?

Neuro Hebrides is a charity who support people with Neurological conditions and their carers, but it is so much more than that to so many.

Neuro Hebrides meet regularly for Cuppa and Catch ups and different activities. These catch ups are times when people can leave their illness at the door, relax and be themselves.

Being diagnosed with a Neurological condition is life changing but it doesn't define you.

Meeting up with like minded people, who understand what you are going through, and respect each other and accept you for who you are, warts and all, gives you time and space to be yourself.

A member of Neuro Hebrides explains what it means to them; 'Neuro Hebrides is very special to me. I’m good friends with a lady who volunteers for NH. She had to bully into me going. It was the summer and a beautiful scorching day. She came to collect me I and I am so grateful to her. I could barely walk then and this health board couldn’t be bothered. Physio refused to help because they didn’t have a neurological physio. It was NH that gave me the motivation to buy the equipment they had been using to build up my strength to enable me to improve my walking and get myself walking round the house again. Lots of little things like that make me so grateful to NH and all the lovely people who go there. Honestly I don’t like to think about what my life would be like now if my friend hadn’t taken me that day. It’s like we’re all part of a family where everybody knows you so well and you know you can trust them with your life. Honestly I love all the people of the people who go there. It’s as if somebody has thrown me a life rope and show me that if you have that life line you can just be who you are with people who can see who you beyond whatever condition you have. I just love it and the people so so much. I can always trust the for support and advice with anything'

We are a charity for anyone living with any Neurological condition, and welcome new members from all over the Western Isles with open arms.

If you have a Neurological condition, or you care for someone who has, get in touch with Neuro Hebrides to find out more.

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