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Self care and self management of your health and wellbeing is becoming more and more important and something we are all becoming custom to. The NHS can't see everyone in person, and for many of us who live in remote and rural areas, travelling to appointments can be difficult.

Digital health care cannot be used in every situation or for every condition, and there are times when it is imperative that face to face consultations take place, but digital self care and management does have a place in helping us all.

There are a number of digital options available in Scotland to help you manage your own care and wellbeing, as well as helping you find out what support and facilities are available where you live.

There are so many apps and websites out there, it can be difficult to know which ones to trust, so we wanted to let you know about some of the NHS approved digital resources which are available to us here in Scotland.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a free, confidential phone and web based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings overwhelm us to the point where it becomes difficult to cope with everyday life.

It helps to get some Breathing Space. You are not alone and talking about how you feel is a positive first step in getting help.

Breathing Space aims to provide:

  • an alternative and easily accessible ‘first stop’ service

  • assistance at an early stage in order to stop problems escalating

  • empathy, understanding and advice through active listening

  • hope when none exists

  • direction for those who do not know where to seek help

So don’t let problems get out of hand, phone Breathing Space, where experienced advisors will listen and offer information and advice.

Breathing Space are open Weekdays: Monday-Thursday 6pm to 2am

Weekend: Friday 6pm-Monday 6am by phone or webchat.

2 booklets have also been produced which you can download:



Daylight is an NHS approved app to help treat anxiety. In Scotland, for eligible people it is funded by the NHS. Daylight (

ALISS ALISS - A Local Information System for Scotland | ALISS is a web-based information platform. It can help you find information on local and national services that might help you to live well.

Using ALISS, you can search for the services, groups, activities, and resources available in your area by using your postcode. You will be offered a list of suggestions, both local and national. Some of the national services might include digital tools.

ADAM (About Digital and Me) is a platform provided by Alzheimer Scotland. It can help you to find the right pieces of technology at the right time. It is intended for families and carers who would like to try using digital products and services to look after their health and wellbeing. Go to ADAM at

sleepio is an app in which you can follow a six week program to help improve your sleep. It is a free service and you can self refer.

ORCHA is an organisation that reviews commercial health, care and wellbeing apps to see whether they are safe and effective. There are ways to access ORCHA for free. Alzheimer Scotland has developed an app library in partnership with ORCHA. Go to the Alzheimer Scotland Orcha Library at There is also a list of approved mental health apps. Go to the Best for You Orcha Library at

NHS Inform: is Scotland's national health information service. Its aim is to provide the people in Scotland with accurate and relevant information. That can help them make informed decisions about their own health and the health of the people they care for. It also provides self-help guides. Go to NHS inform at

NHS Inform - Mental Health Self-help Guides:

Giving feedback on NHS services Care Opinion ( allows you to share a specific experience of health care or social care. You can say what happened, what was good, and what could have been better. The story is then published (if possible) and shared with staff in the services who need to see it. Often, staff will reply and you will be emailed their response. So you can use Care Opinion to pass praise on a service you experienced. You can also suggest changes or even just to review other people’s experiences. This can allow you to make an informed choice on the service you decide to visit.

And of course, for people with Neurological conditions and their carers in the Western Isles, Neuro Hebrides is here to support you. Neuro Hebrides organises both face to face and online meetings, and there is also an online forum to you join to ask for advice or if you have questions. The forum can be seem by Neuro Hebrides members only.

You can create an account by going on to the Neuro Hebrides website: Neuro Hebrides, Outer Hebrides, Support Neurological conditions, United Kingdom

On a desktop there is either a red symbol to the right of the menu tabs, or if you click 'More' then 'Neuro Hebrides members forum'. See photos attached.

On a mobile device, click menu, then Neuro Hebrides members forum is at the bottom, or there is a red log in symbol at the top. 

It then asks you to sign up. 

Once you've added your details to sign up, I will receive a notification to approve your account. This is to ensure we can keep the forum private to Neuro Hebrides. I will do this as soon as possible, but on occasions there may be a slight delay to approve your account. Once you have an account you will be able to sign in freely.

You will be able to use a nickname or online name if you prefer.

Once you are a member of the forum, you can ask questions, ask for advice, start a discussion, give support to each other etc. You might have a question about medication, diagnosis, symptoms, or want to chat about nothing to do with your condition but in the knowledge that the people you're talking to understand completely and have no judgement. 

It is a safe, welcoming and friendly space for you to discuss things with fellow Neuro Hebrides members.

There is a set of guidelines on what is acceptable and we ask that these are kept to to ensure it remains a welcoming, non-judgemental, safe and friendly place.

It is not a live chat, but if someone is online posting in the forum at the same time as you, then you will be able to see their comments and chat. Otherwise,  It will send you an email each day if someone has asked a question or made a comment, and you can then respond and join in with the discussions.

We hope you find this useful.

If you have any questions, get in touch

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